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27January 2016

Forget the images of those old ugly metal roofs on grey barns! Modern metal roofs offer vivid colors and a truly  impressive selection of styles that command our admiration, and play with our imagination. In  fact, when I saw my first metal roof, back in 2004, I was extremely impressed and even fascinated by the beautiful design of metal roofs. There are many styles to choose from. Ranging from Shingle, Shake, Tile, and Slate. There is one for every home. Long Lasting Modern Metal roofs are among some of the most practical and long lasting roofing solutions available to homeowners today. They offer great security and protection to a homeowner who is planning to stay in his/her house for awhile, and are interested in a reliable and worry free roof. Stonehenge Metal Roofs uses metal roofing products that come with LIFETIME WARRANTIES. Many premium metal roofing products such as Copper have been known to last well over 100 years! Of course a metal roof is only as good as the metal roofing contractor who installs it. Therefore, it is imperative that your installer is properly trained, and more importantly, is willing to deliver the type of quality necessary for a truly secure metal roofing protection. Stonehenge Metal Roofs uses Manufactures trained installers.

Price effective

This may seem almost counter intuitive; at first, it is obvious that the initial price for a metal roof is higher than that of the asphalt roof. But that is only the first impression, and first impressions can sometimes be wrong. Consider that the average life expectancy of today’s asphalt roof is around 10 to 20 years. That’s a lifespan of 20 years at best, and under mild climate conditions. Asphalt shingle roofs presents a typical mass produced  building product that everyone seems to go for. Because of the demand, crews don’t always adhere to the installation standards and rush through the shingling process t get to the next job as quick as they can. The end result may be an inferior installation, and a much shorter lifespan that will require costly repairs and unnecessary headache. Even if installation was performed by a qualified crew,  severe storms and tough climate will significantly shorten the lifespan of even the best installed asphalt shingle roof by washing out the small particles that give asphalt shingles their waterproof qualities. As soon as asphalt roof is exposed to the elements, it begins to deteriorate and lose its water-proofing ability in proportion to the severity of the local climate. As an example, consider the elements your roof is exposed to in the Midwest climate. Here in the states of Texas and Illinois, our roofs are exposed to a lot of rain, hail and wind, severe winters cover roofs with snow and ice that beat hard on the asphalt roofs. Summer comes and our roofs are exposed to extreme sun and heat.  Asphalt roofs are prone to breaking down in  these tough climate changes and as a result they may start leaking prematurely needing repair or replacement. Metal roofing, on the other hand, feels at ease with snow  and ice which simply melts and slides down from the metal roof. Metal laughs at severe storms and heavy rains. Metal roofs offer superb, price effective longevity that no other roof does. A properly installed metal roof will last  a lifetime and easily pay for itself two and three time over.

Residential  Metal Roof Pricing

There are four main types of roofs we install: (all of which carry their own unique advantages)

*Stonecoated Steel*

Kynar 500 Coated Steel*

Kynar 500 Coated Aluminum*


Start at $5.50/sq.ft. for shingle styles.Tile, Shake, and Slate start at $6.80/sq.ft.  Copper will start around $10.00/sq.ft.

Prices will vary from one project to another depending on the options and degree of difficulty. No more secret!

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